Hoovers on clearance and reconditioned

    Need to change your hoover? Have you thought about the offers forreconditioned or destockedhoovers? On DealBurn, you can buy your household assistant at the best price/quality ratio. With or without a bag, all you have to do is make your choice from among the major brands: Dyson, Rowenta, Xiaomi, iRobot, Philips, Bosch, etc.

    Powerful and robust, thecanister hoover has high suction performance. With no limit of autonomy, it is perfect for large rooms in the house. Ultra functional, the cordlesshoover or cycoflex can be used on all surfaces, floor, carpet, sofa... And why not use a handheld hoover to remove the crumbs from the table or clean the inside of your car in a few minutes.

    Robotic hoovers

    Far from being a gadget, therobot hoover is connected and intelligent. It tracks down dust for you and saves you the chore of cleaning. Some are even multi-functional, vacuuming and cleaning the floor at the same time!

    Filters & Sorting

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    for example-60% >30£


    My bissel received... New product, just slightly damaged cardboard. And the liquid product is missing. 92 € instead of 195 €. I had put an alert and jumped on it as soon as it appeared... I missed several before I got it.


    Well received. Packaging a little damaged. The robot has been used but no scratches or anything. So thank you DealBurn.

    Mai D.
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